Nashville Series
 Hot contemporary romance set in Music City, USA

He's every woman's hot cowboy fantasy...

and her one erotic obsession


Aspiring song-writer Sydney Stratton can't forget the one white-hot night she and country music's newest star Dex Wilder shared, despite her resolve to focus on her career and leave the boyfriend thing to someone else. When their paths cross again, the meeting is explosive, but his party guy reputation threatens to undermine everything Sydney has worked for. Dex knows what he wants--he wants Sydney, in bed and out. Now all he has to do is convince the woman of his fantasies that he's more than a front page tabloid story.

A bad girl gets what a bad girl wants...

even when it's her best friend

Becca Shaw likes her men hot, hard and temporary. But when nice guy Dillion moves in to help her make rent, she finds out that "nice" suddenly gets a lot more "naughty". She has a lot of experience with guys, but hasn't a clue what do with a man who wants to stick around for breakfast. And Dillion has his own issues to deal with when an ex-girlfriend reappears. Becca and Dillon may be worlds apart, but they know that their hottest fantasies meet at the corner of "nice" and "naughty".


She pushes his buttons...he pushes her limits


When country music princess Michelle kicks country's baddest bad boy off her tour, she thinks her sexiest mistake is in her past. But seven years later, falling record sales and a stagnant career force Michelle to head out on a joint tour with the only man to fulfill her naughtiest fantasies. Michelle is determined to keep the past in the past, but Shay tests her limits in bed and out. When old lies and new secrets emerge, the ride is sure to get even rougher.

A scorching second-chance love story

with a fun Southern flair…


When a tour bus crash ends country music star Trent Ryder's career and his marriage, he builds a wall around himself that no one can breach--until quirky girl next door, Patterson, literally knocks him off his feet. Patterson is drawn to grumpy, damaged Trent, but she’s running from her own special kind of hell—the kind that involves a long walk down the aisle. Can two people who weren’t looking for anything more than a hot summer fling make something that will last?

Don't believe everything you read...


When Harper Perry’s latest Hollywood debacle blows up the internet, the fallen starlet returns home to Nashville…and the man she left behind. She needs someone to make her Tennessee home livable--someone who will be discreet while she lays low and lets all the negative press blow over. Former lover Dan Ryan is just the handy man for the job.

Dan has never forgotten the girl who left town the second he confessed his feelings for her ran deeper than the sizzling hot hours they spent burning up the sheets.  Now that she’s back in town, Dan is determined not to let Harper get away a second time...even if he has to give up everything he’s worked for to keep her.

 The Kingston Sisters Novella Miniseries

A date with a star...


When Emily Kingston wins a date with country music hunk Bo Branson from a Nashville radio station, she knows it's meant to be. But when she and her sister, Sarah, arrive in Nashville for the big weekend, it doesn't quite work out as she planned. The date isn't really a date--it's an extended meet-and-greet for four: Bo, Emily, Sarah and Sean, the cute but annoying promotions guy from the radio station. To make matters worse, Bo only has eyes for Sarah, when Emily is the one he's supposed to be falling in love with! Emily enlists Sean to help her win Bo's attention, but Sean has a secret crush of his own.

You read Emily's passionate love story in Nashville Fling, now find out what really happened between Sarah and Bo during their crazy Nashville weekend, from Sarah's perspective!


Country music star Bo Branson is exactly the kind of man Sarah Kingston doesn't want in her life. Sure, he's sexy, charming and surprisingly sweet when he wants to be. But he's a no-plans, no-responsibility, no-regrets kind of guy--not Sarah's type at all. Besides, Sarah's sister, Emily, is already half in love with Bo. There are a million reasons to say no to Bo...and only one reason to say YES!

When one weekend is not enough...


Sarah and Emily Kingston's weekend in Nashville didn't go as planned. Emily was the winner of a date with sexy country music bad boy Bo Branson, but bookish Sarah was the woman who captured his attention. After one scorching weekend, the couple parts ways--Bo was just a fling, not a permanent addition to Sarah's life...until a big surprise forces her to reconsider. Can the former party guy surprise Sarah into staying for good?

 A Super Sexy Nashville Novella

All it takes to break a Valentine's Day curse is

one long weekend and two sexy bandmates...


Valentine's Day has never been kind to Sybil Watterson, 1/3 of up-and-coming Nashville band, Sweetwater Keene. But when she and her sexy bandmates start talking about bedroom fantasies, the boys promise Sybil a Valentine's night she'll never forget. Can they break her curse?