Naughty in Nashville Series

I've gotten questions from several readers confused about whether there are two Nashville series or in what order the books should be read. Basically, I am a poor planner and since I wrote these books over a long period of time and under different circumstances with different publishers, well, the series organization is kind of a mess!


Here's my attempt to explain it all:


Book 1: Nashville Heat

This had two different publishers before I had it re-edited and self-published. It's also had five different covers! This is Sydney and Dex's story and has the highest number of love scenes because I originally wrote it for an erotica publisher. Another fun fact--Nashville Heat was featured on Home Shopping Channel as part of boxed sets of books they had going for a while.


Book 2: Nashville Naughty

I wrote this one for the same erotica publisher as Nashville Heat, then published it myself after I got the rights back. The heroine is this book is the Sydney's best friend/roommate from Nashville Heat.


Book 3: Nashville Bound

I had a contract with the same publisher but due to some, uh, disagreements about some of their practices, I opted not to continue with this contract. I waited until the term of the contract was up and then self-published. Since I was no longer writing for this erotica publisher, I decided to try an experiment. I wrote the book with all the erotic parts and called that the "erotic edition" and then I scaled back the erotic bits and took out all the profanity and called that one the "mainstream edition". I was trying to decide whether I wanted to continue to write as an erotica author or go more mainstream.


Sales don't lie, and I sold twice as many erotic editions for every "mainstream" edition. I eventually took down the mainstream, but some of the descriptions on some vendors, and notes at the beginning of the book didn't get changed. The way to tell if you have the erotic edition is do a search for the "f" word. If it has the "f" word, you've got the erotic edition :)  All the mainstream editions should have been removed from sale at this point and I am in the process of making sure all the descriptions have no reference to a mainstream edition.


As for characters, the hero and heroine are two new characters that don't appear in the first two books and the characters from the first two books are not in this one.


Book 4: Nashville Crush

This was pure indie and I wrote it to the heat level I thought it needed. I like to write hot, but since I'm not writing for an erotic publisher, I didn't feel there had to be a prescribed number of love scenes. I wrote them where they needed to be and wrote them hot! I would term this "hot contemporary" more than "erotic romance". This one has more humor than the first three books.


The characters are new and don't appear in the first three books


Book 5: Nashville Crazy

This one is an indie original as well. The best friend of the hero from Nashville Crush is the hero in this one and both the hero and heroine from Nashville Crush have a small part. There is also a cameo appearance of a band that is going to be the subject of a new series I'm planning for later in 2017/2018. I'd also call this one hot contemporary and it has more humor than the first three books.


Nashville Fling / Nashville Flirt


I had an idea for a short story about a woman who wins a radio station contest--a date with her country music star crush. But as I wrote the story, I realized that story would be much better if her sister was the one who clicked with the star. Ever since I'd read Jude Deveraux's sister books Twin of Ice and Twin of Fire, I'd wanted to write a set of stories where we see different characters' perspectives of the same event.  I decided I'd write the other sister's side of the story, too.


Emily's story only needed a short story to get to an HEA, but Sarah's was more complicated. At the end of the short stories, we find out that Sarah has a big secret. Which leads to...


Book #5: Nashville Surprise

This is the conclusion of Sarah and Bo's story, so it is actually dependent on having read Nashville Fling and Nashville Flirt (especially Flirt). I called these three storied the Kingston Sisters Miniseries. I was thinking of how Harlequin Blaze has many sub-series within it's category imprint, Blaze, which they call mini-series. But I can see now how that is super confusing. I should have made those three books their own separate series and not lumped them under the "Naughty in Nashville" series umbrella. I just felt that these stories were of a similar tone and heat level as the other books in the series, so if a reader liked those, she would probably like the Kingston Sisters novellas. I figured they'd be easier to find if there were all grouped as a series on Amazon and other outlets.


Nashville Valentine

This is a SUPER erotic stand alone novella written for that original erotic publisher of mine. There are no characters reoccurring. It is truly a stand alone. And if you like threesomes...well (blush) :)


Moving Forward...

I really love to write about Nashville and I want to continue to do that, as well as work on some other series and projects, both as an indie publisher and with some publishing partners.


My next Nashville-based books are going to be in a new series I'm tentatively calling Tennessee Whiskey. All the books will be closely related (but not cliff hangers per se) about members of the same band--the band that played a party my h/h in Nashville Crazy attended. I'm going for more humor in these and a high heat level. Lots of banter, lots of conflict, lots of sexy time. All the titles are titles of real country music songs. Each book will be 50K-60K words--about category length or a little more.


Here is the VERY tentative schedule for that series:

Book #1 Rum is the Reason-October 2017

Book #2 Whiskey and You - February 2018

Book 2.5 Tequila Makes her Clothes Fall Off (novella)-June 2018

Book 3#: Two Pina Coladas -July 2018



Moving beyond books set in Nashville, I'm working with Entangled Publishing on a series for their Indulgence line (powerful billionaire types). The first book, A Limited Engagement, came out March 2017 and I'm currently working with my editor on developing a sequel. there are four siblings in the family I'm writing about, so if my editor keeps liking what I'm sending him, hopefully there will be a couple more books in this series :) This is the reason I've taken so long on Nashville Surprise. I got the contract for ALE and switched to rewriting that one to fit the Indulgence line, where the editor wanted to list it. (I also have a full-time day job and FOUR teenagers, so my time is tight!)



Hopefully this article has cleared up the mess I made with my series and miniseries, names. Thanks for reading!